Rapid Fire Emergency Tinder

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Weatherproof, sure flame.  FIRE on demand.  That’s what Rapid Fires deliver. 
Every camper, backpacker, survivalist, or prepared individual needs a dependable source of emergency tinder in case of emergency.  Ignite with open flame from your lighter, or a spark from a ferro rod or flint and steel.  RAPID FIRE ensures a long burn (each disc burns for 5-7 minutes) allowing you time to get your tinder bundle ignited, dried out, or combusted under the most adverse conditions.

  • Remove a disc from the 2.5 inch, resealable, black tin (use the tin to make char cloth/natural material during your first fire – good for the NEXT FIRE PRINCIPLE).
  • Break the disc, exposing the cotton
  • Apply open flame or a spark
  • RAPID FIRE ignites and burns for a long time – giving you time to ignite your tinder under the WETTEST and WINDIEST conditions
  • Apply RAPID FIRE to your tinder bundle, and ensure it catches.  Then place tinder bundle under constructed fire lay.
  • Under extremely adverse conditions, ignite all the discs in the tin.  Once sustainable fire is obtained, cap the tin to conserve the RAPID FIRE resource.
  • Tin is reusable –  perfect to use to make your own charred material 
  • Keep in your rucksack, car, bike, or bag with a lighter for sure flame whenever you need it
  • Be prepared for WHATEVER emergency comes your way with RAPID FIRE

5-6 discs per tin

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