Types of Coaching Offered

cropped-cb.jpgChris has over 20 years of experience coaching people to more successful and peaceful lives and is in the process of receiving accreditation from the International Association of Certified Coaches.  He wants to help you achieve a better tomorrow!

What kind of Coaching is offered by Chris Bell International?

Life Coaching – Chris can help you identify your current situation; name and work through self-limiting beliefs and actions; discover your truest desires; identify your values, assets, talents, and relationships that can help you move forward; design and articulate your vision of a better tomorrow, including the goals and dreams that will make that tomorrow a reality; work with you to design an action plan to accomplish that tomorrow; and feel better about who you are as you undergo this process.

Spiritual Coaching – Everything is Spiritual.  Our success in life, love, business, and everything else is derived from how we see the Universe.  Sometimes our history and present reality involve unforgiveness, religion, hatred, hurt, regrets, pain, addiction, and other things that bind us up and turn our own best intentions against us.  A spiritual coach helps you to unclog your connection to the Universe, no matter what, if any, faith tradition of origin you claim.  For the many who are finding their faith tradition no longer works for them, Chris can help guide you to new expressions of faith and love.

Relationship Coaching – Establishing good rapport and relationship with another person is one of the fastest ways to make progress in your life. When you’re in a strong relationship with someone who is important in your life, he or she is much more inclined to help you achieve your goals, including enjoying a successful romantic relationship, growing a business, or raising well-adjusted children.  One of the fastest ways to bring measurable pleasure and peace to your life is to increase the health of your significant relationships such as with significant others, children, parents, extended family, business relationships, and friends.  Chris can help you identify relationship growth opportunities, challenges, and friction points, and coach you into actionable plans to achieve greater peace and harmony in your most prized relationships.  Even in cases of fractured relationships involving deep-seated pain, schism, divorce, and abandonment, you can establish healthy boundaries, achieve more peaceable outcomes, and move from degenerative spirals into growth patterns.

Crisis Management – Sometimes critical incidents create trauma in the best lives.  A Crisis coach helps you identify the trauma, goals, actions, and remedies in a prioritized fashion.  Chris can help bring order to the chaos of a crisis.  By being a partner in the immediacy of a crisis, Chris can help you feel more at peace, reduce the time of stress, and help you plan for eventual needs.  A good coach can reduce the length and extremity of a crisis by significant amounts.

Public Speaking Coach – Public speaking is often cited as one of the most significant fears of the 21st century.  A coach focussed on public speaking can help you shape a compelling, creative, and clear talk that will help you make your point, sell your product, increase others’ perception of you, and advance your cause and vision.  Chris has over 25 years of communication coaching experience and can help you craft a talk that will achieve your goals while increasing your confidence.

Confidence Coach – Sometimes we need support from a good coach to increase our confidence and get through the stormy season that we are navigating.  A confidence coach can help you identify what past hurts, hangups, or habits are depleting your natural state of confidence, move past or around them, and achieve more with higher confidence… which inspires more success and therefore higher confidence, in an upward spiral.  Chris can help you connect with your truer, inner self and help inspire and motivate you to achieve confidence that has so far been elusive.


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