Emergency Bag Build and Training

traffic-jam-blizzard-electric-carIn January of 2022 hundreds of drivers on Interstate 95 in northern Virginia were going about their normal business heading to work, home, and post-holiday travel.  When a series of accidents from a particularly unfortunate winter storm closed an overpass, traffic came to a halt.  As the snow continued to pile up, and traffic continued to back up, many people realized that they were going to be stuck for a while.

Some people spent multiple days, trapped in their cars, awaiting rescue.  One man died trying to walk home.  

How prepared are you and yours for unforeseen emergencies?  Do you have the knowledge, skills, and resources to walk out or undergo extended “unintentional camping” situations from a bad traffic situation, storm, or national critical incident?

In case a fire, pandemic, or other critical interruption to the national “normal”, do you have a plan?  Can you survive?  Do you have the resources in place to survive two to three days and get to an alternate safe location?asphalt-backpack-bag-108009

CBI can assist you in building your own custom-made Emergency Bag/Kit.  Keep it at your house, in your vehicle, or keep it with you all the time – having the right gear during an emergency is important.  Having the foundational knowledge and skills needed to USE those resources is even MORE important.

A CBI consultant will meet with you, walk you through a series of questions and scenarios, and help you order the resources you need for your Custom Emergency Bag.  Then, when your Custom Emergency Bag is assembled, your consultant will train you in the knowledge and skills necessary to be able to utilize your new Emergency Bag to self-rescue and get home!  A custom-designed set of resources combined with customized training, make CBI the industry leader in helping YOU create your very own Emergency Bag

Contact CBI today to get started. Costs are module and payment based, so you can pay at your own pace, according to your schedule.


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