Tactical Training

At Chris Bell International we pride ourselves on delivering top quality instruction to all students, regardless of experience levels.  Each student is given custom-designed, private or group instruction based on their goals, fitness level, and previous instruction or experience. Everything is custom designed to help each student learn in a fun and effective way!

We can help you become more confident, secure, and able to protect yourself and your family in this ever more insecure world.

sitckfiguresWe offer instruction in the following areas:

Unarmed Combatives  – learn to defend yourself using only the weapons on your body (hands, feet, elbows, etc).   through custom-designed programs drawing on martial arts taught around the world, including boxing, karate, krav maga, jiu-jitsu, jeet kun do, and Filipino systems. Students work with instructors to design a training plan to suit their particular needs.  No belt systems, testing fees, or other surprises await – just skills development and solid coaching on defending yourself while unarmed –  and how to deal with others, including the police, if necessary after the fact.

Edged and Contact Weapons – Knives and sticks are some of the oldest weapons known to mankind.  Knowing how to use these weapons to save your life or the life of another can be a critical skill.  Knowing the legal issues of how and when you can utilize those weapons is often just as important.

Firearms – Being a responsible gun owner includes learning how to use, maintain, and store your weapons.  Many people buy a gun thinking that simply owning the weapon will somehow keep them safe.  But if you ever have to use your firearm, it will probably be one of the worst days of your life.  Everyone who owns a firearm needs to know how to legally, quickly, and accurately use that weapon in time of deadly force threat.  Firearms training from CBI, whether for pistol, rifle, or shotgun, will give you the knowledge and skills to defend you and your loved ones skillfully and legally.


YES! I want to take the first step toward being stronger, better prepared, and more able to defend myself and my loved ones.