Survival Skills, Knowledge, and Resources

Chris Bell International can help you become more self-reliant!

In a world where uncertainty is increasing, it is always better to be prepared to care for oneself.  If a natural disaster happens can you get survive for a week without grocery stores and a power grid?  If a national level critical event occurs, and the supply chain grinds to a halt, can you and your family stay under shelter, fed, hydrated, and safe?

Forget about a fantasy preparation for a zombie invasion.  There is no need for tinfoil hats or extreme purchases.  Do you have the real-world skills to make sure your survival needs are met if modern comforts are denied you and your family?  We offer instruction in the following areas:

Survival Skills Training – Learn to provide for your basic needs in the wild or in times of diminished supply. Shelter building.  Fire craft.  Food and water procurement.  Critical self and buddy first aid skills. Self-rescue Land Navigation.  Signaling for rescue.  Tool selection and maintenance.

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Emergency Bag Build and Training – Let CBI help you design a “Bag of Kits” that you can use to get you home to your loved ones.  Or if you have to evacuate your home, get you and your family to a safe alternate location.  CBI instructors can help you choose your gear, train you in its use, and help you maintain your skills and resources for maximum self-reliance.

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Survival Gear – CBI can equip you with the resources you need to increase your self-reliance and self-assuredness during critical incidents.  Select your gear now!



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