Firearms Training

Every gun owner should be trained in how to use their firearm responsibly, safely, and dangerously when in defense of life (firearms are useful only because they are inherently dangerous).

CBI offers a full range of firearms training classes.  We can custom design a training program that meets the needs of beginners and experts alike. No matter how long you’ve owned or trained with a firearm, every class Chris Bell International offers will help increase your ability to defend yourself in a fight, and improve your overall skill-set.  We teach dynamic vs static fighting – MOVEMENT is the first order while in a gunfight!

Chris Bell International offers training in the following areas:


Defensive Handgun: From first-time handgun users to the most experienced students, CBI’s Defensive Handgun program will teach you how to carry, draw, and employ your handgun with speed and effectiveness.   Everything taught in our Defensive Handgun program has been proven over the years in gunfights in military, civilian, and police environments.  We teach a very pragmatic and student-based approach.  Students will learn the anatomy, physiology, psychology that empowers the most proven handgun fighting techniques.  Students will be trained to shoot quickly and accurately, by means of point shooting, body index, and fully sighted fire.  All this is done to keep you from being shot by the bad guy. The student is the fighter.  The handgun is merely the tool!

defensive shotgunDefensive Shotgun: The shotgun, while often thought of as “grandpa’s old hunting gun” is still the greatest close quarters battle (CQB) weapon in existence.  This dynamic class presents a reality-based, aggressive, close quarters method of defending yourself with the shotgun. Most shotgun training ignores the very nature of the shotgun, by trying to teach this CQB weapon as if it were some sort of a rifle.  In CBI’s Defensive Shotgun, we train our students on the inherent strengths and limitations of the shotgun, through the use of reality-based drills and trial-and-error educational theory.  You LEARN what works and what does not. This course is designed to be beneficial to civilians, military, and law enforcement alike.  If you use a shotgun for defense – CBI can make you significantly better.

IMG_5963Defensive Rifle: While most rifle courses stress long-range marksmanship and engagements,  most research shows the defensive rifle will most likely be used just outside the reach of more conventional weapons.  In fact, most real-life uses of a rifle rarely exceed 25 yards.  CBI’s rifle training takes the student quickly through the basics and imparts the techniques necessary to deploy a tactical rifle or carbine in a close range defensive capacity. This course is highly useful for civilians, military, or police operators (the same material is provided to all).


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