Shelter Gear

Basic Shelter Kit – $75

Heavy Duty Emergency Blanket, 6Mil contractor bag, 6 tent stakes, a 25′ Rapid Ridge line, a Bank Hank (25′ #36 bank line), and am 86″x55″ waterproof poncho with grommets.

Deluxe Shelter Kit – $125

All the content of our Basic Shelter Kit, with the addition of a RedKamp 10’x7′ tarp and an upgraded 89″x56″ OneWind Waterproof poncho with grommets. Bigger, packs smaller and lighter, with more weather protection!

Tier One Shelter Kit – $200

All the content of our Deluxe Shelter Kit with an upgraded AquaQuest Defender 10’x7′ ultra tough tarp. AquaQuest issues life-time warranties on this supremely waterproof tarp!

Heavy Duty Survival Blanket$30

  • ALL-WEATHER DESIGN: This TOUGH-AS-NAILS blanket features a reflective side made from aluminum useful to signal for help, or reflect heat from your body or a fire.  The backing material is tough and durable nylon – useful as a tarp/blanket/shelter/ground cover. Includes a zippered storage bag made of the same material.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT but TOUGH: The blanket measures 60″ x 82″ (Approx. 5 ft x 7ft) and fits easily and lightly into your rucksack or kit.  The corners are reinforced for increased strength and durability. 
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: All your emergency gear should be able to serve many needs.  This blanket can be a ground sheet, an emergency shelter, or an emergency blanket.  Useful for all outdoor activities, including  camping, hunting, or backpacking.  Keep one in your vehicle.
  • VERSATILE VALUE: Waterproof, windproof, compact, lightweight and durable heat reflector.

Rapid Ridgeline 25′ – $7

Hanked 550 paracord with 2 prussik knots for rapid securing points. Knotted and rolled for one handed Ridgeline deployment utilizing toggles and no-knots takedown.

6 mm Contractor Bag – $4

6mm thick bag/liner withstands the use in the brush as a brought bed, collection container, or makeshift rain gear. Tough, with a thousand uses!