Unarmed Combatives

At CBI you can learn how do defend yourself with only your body as a weapon.  We can train you to:

  • Use your hands, feet, knees, legs, arms, elbows, head, hips, gravity, the ground, and many more elements at your disposal to thwart an attacker.
  • Seize the initiative from an attacker and put them on the defensive.
  • Identify and articulate threat assessments in order to avoid trouble before it happens.
  • Understand and communicate the legalities of use of force – including how to talk to the police and others after the attack is over.
  • Learn ancient principles of balance, resistance, timing, distance, and reaction.
  • Utilize modern scientific training methods with ancient fighting arts to effectively stop the threat.
  • Effectively stop an active threat to your personal safety wherever you may be.

You can schedule your training individually or in a group, at your home, place of business, or another location to fit around your busy calendar.


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