Moving Past the Hate

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Chris, thank you for your spiritual coaching and guidance – it continues to change my life over a year later!  Case in point: You know I was raised in a fundamentalist religion regarding homosexuality. But when we worked together on getting rid of my fears and false beliefs in that area – regarding XXXXXXXXXX my younger brother, I think I gave myself a nosebleed because I was nodding my head so furiously in agreement with you. Not only did I learn a great deal about true spirituality, and about the history of my own faith tradition that I didn’t know before, but it reminded me again why being a Christian must be about love, not about simple-minded judgment. I’ve always known that, but being raised with the type of bigotry on homosexuality that I encountered constantly through my life was the reason I didn’t feel comfortable calling myself a Christian. Chris, you helped me to see that if we are made to love people, there is absolutely no reason why whom anyone voluntarily sleeps with should be a factor in cutting them out of your life. After our sessions together, I approached XXXXXXXXXXX and apologized for years of bigotry and hatred, and affirmed that I could no sooner cut him out of my life or desire to “fix him” any more than I could voluntarily sever my own arm, despite what my past had led me to believe.
I also really appreciate and use almost daily the strategies you taught me about incorporating context and active listening/restating when working through conflict.
In any case, I just wanted to let you know that you have fans out here. I thank God for you, Chris Bell. I know I would not be nearly as far along in my spiritual life as I am if it wasn’t for your coaching influence in my life, both when we lived in Chesterfield and now that we live 2,000 miles away. Thank you.