Survival Skills Training

Modern conveniences are incredible.  Turn on the faucet, and out flows clean, clear water!  Houses are warmed and cooled, the grocery store is just minutes away, and we rarely have any true needs go unmet.  Progress is a good thing.

But what happens when those systems break down?  When the Emergency Medical System is overwhelmed/unable to attend to all needs?  When the food supply is interrupted?  When electricity, water, or other basic utilities are down?  Our survival needs do not change during those times – it simply reverts back to us to provide those needs for ourselves, and our loved ones.

Maybe a weather event leaves you stranded.  Or a national emergency temporarily restricts the supply chain.  Do you have the Knowledge, Skill, and Resources to meet your and your family’s needs in the short term? Chris Bell International offers training in the following areas:

starting-fire-maximumsurvivalFire Craft: Fire is one of humanity’s most basic resources.  It keeps us warm, cooks our food, sanitizes our water, and provides comfort.  Can you start a fire on demand?  Using only the resources you have at hand?  Under less than ideal conditions?

Let CBI show you how.

Shelter building: The need to maintain a core body temperature is vital to survival.  Shelter, including maxresdefault
everything from the clothes on your back to the structure you can create, helps maintain your core temperature, keep you dryer, and make life more comfortable.  CBI’s course can teach you to improvise shelter, and build an impromptu but planned shelter, in wilderness and urban situations.

Come learn how.

Grayl-vient-de-dévoiler-une-génération-d’épurateur-d’eau-le-Grayl-GeopressWater and Food Procurement: We need calories and hydration for life.  In the even of a critical incident, those needs often go up, not down.  Finding and procuring water and calories safely is one of the most basic human biological needs.

Learn how to provide for these basic needs.

First Aid: The preferred method of healing wounds and treating medical emergency is always trained EMS firstaidpersonnel.  The doctors, nurses, medical technicians, and others that keep our EMS system going are invaluable.  But what happens when you have to self-rescue?  Or EMS is not available to you?  Knowing how to provide critical emergency first aid to yourself or another can literally save a life.

Come learn.

CompassTrackv1Navigation and Signal: Getting lost sucks.  Being stranded is scary.  The best alternative is being able to find your own way to where you want to go, and being able to signal for help when you need it.  But if your iPhone is not working, technology is failing, and you have to rely on yourself to get to where you want to go/get help – can you do it?

You should learn.


CBI offers half day, full day, and multiple day Survival Skills courses that can help you and your loved ones be more prepared, self-assured, and self-reliant.  Click here to set up an initial consultation.