Your Journey Begins Here


Welcome to Chris Bell InternationalA Training and Coaching company.

My name is Chris.  And I want to help you reach your goals.  To learn the skills, mindsets, and habits to be as successful and safe as you dream of being.  There are two paths for this at CBI – our Life Coaching path, and our Tactical Training path.

Maybe you are seeking a Life Coach, someone to help you reach a new goal, overcome some obstacles, or bring peace to a situation or a relationship.  Or maybe you are in a spiritual search, looking to find new grace, peace, or mercy in your life.  I often help people:

  • navigate a rough place in their life
  • reconcile and bring peace to relational difficulties
  • prepare for a public speaking event
  • dive into deep spiritual issues that keep them awake at night
  • manage personal or professional crises
  • increase their confidence and assertiveness

I would love to help you!  I have a spiritually based (but not religious) approach to life and coaching – I believe everything is spiritual because what we believe about the universe affects everything about us.  But I am not religious – having given up that life a long time ago; in fact, my business card lists my title as Spiritual Gangster!  Let me help you find greater success and peace through a positive coaching experience.  You can find more information on Life Coaching here.

Maybe you are seeking some Tactical Training to help yourself feel more confident, assured, safe, and more able to defend yourself and your loved ones in an increasingly unstable world.  I would love to be able to train you to do just that; to be a person of confident peace as we navigate your journey together.  Whether you are by nature a tank or a teddy bear (more on that distinction here) you can feel more confident, in-charge, and capable of handling whatever you encounter. Maybe you would benefit from learning:

  • unarmed combatives – martial-arts and law enforcement based self-defense training)
  • impact or edged weapons
  • defensive pistol, shotgun, or rifle.  You can find more information on Tactical Training here.

I would love to talk to you to discover how I can best help you reach your goals.   Because the truth is that everything is spiritual – and if you can get in touch with the spiritual truth that already is inside of you, your life will change.  You can be happier, healthier, and have better relationships – no matter your situation.  And it can all begin today.

If you would like to be contacted about any of our Life Coaching services, please go hereIf you would like to be contacted about any of our Tactical Training, please go here.

Let the journey begin!

Chris Bell, Spiritual Gangster