Warrior Rules

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What are some base rules and assumptions that the warrior class should live by?  Check out some of mine below:

1. People are becoming weaker and less intelligent…and they enter all kinds of livelihoods: bankers, teachers, and some even become police. They do not stop being weak and stupid with their new positions.  Do not assume a position or authority equates to skill or knowledge.

2. Bad guys are still bad guys.  Some may be like those described in rule one, and they get caught all the time…but not all bad guys are weak and stupid.  Some are ruthless predators who work and train to be deadly bad guys.  Do not assume weakness or stupidity in an adversary.

3. Your safety depends, and always has, on you, your skill, your preparedness, your awareness, your intelligence, and your aptitude. Nobody is coming to rescue you. The best they will do is to take a flattering picture of your dead body for the report.

4. Society dictates rules and laws in order to control daily life and create the illusion of safety, but rules and laws fail to protect individuals and they always will. Your safety depends on you. If a rule or law of society interferes with rule three, ignore society’s rules.  Be your own man.  Decide and act for yourself, not to satisfy someone else’s agenda.

5. Be fluent in the language of violence so you know when it is being spoken and how to answer well.

6. Don’t go to stupid places, at stupid times, with stupid people, under stupid circumstances, for stupid reasons.

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