Warrior Wisdom

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Twelve precepts all who follow the warrior path should pursue.  How does your training stack up against each?  Do any challenge you?


1. Defense does not exist – there is only attack and counter-attack. 

2. The five fingers of the warrior’s fist are aggression, accuracy, timing, distance, and reaction.

3. Hesitation kills – justify attacking first.

4. Initiative – the ability to assess and initiate before others do – wins fights.

5. This is not a game – there is no score – it is about killing.

6. Your body must be capable of doing whatever you need it to do.

7. Tactics exist to get you an angle for your shot/attack.

8. Speed is good, timing is absolute.

9. Gunfighting is simply hand to hand combat at 1400 feet per second.

10. Live in relaxed, centered readiness – calmly prepared for an adversary around every corner.

11. The pen is not mightier than the sword, but it must be its equal. 

12. “The lion is good at killing, but the gazelle tells the tale.”  Have the wisdom to know when to dominate and when to disengage.  Don’t fight for ego.

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