A Warriors Handbook – The Way Of The Warrior in the 21st Century

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New 50+ page ebook that talks about the real tactical, legal, emotional, mental, and physical strategies that everyone else skips. 

We live in a dangerous world.  So maybe you sign up for martial arts classes in a dojo or dojang, or take a gun class at your local shooting range.  Maybe you sign up for Krav Maga at the YMCA or learn the legalities of shooting to defend your loved ones.

Do you ever feel like you are not getting the whole story?!?  That’s because you are not.  Most of the time, they are not telling you the real-life, blood and gut level things that modern warriors must know.   Out of fear of liability, scaring off clients, or maybe because they JUST DO NOT KNOW – most training today is half strength and half-truth.

That’s why I wrote this ebook.  This is the stuff they don’t tell you in most training classes.  Over fifty pages of hard-hitting truth for 21st-century warriors, with articles covering:

  • What happens after a violent encounter – How to deal with the CJ system.
  • How training your mind to remove hesitation is SOOO much more important than practicing those spinning kicks for your next rank test.
  • Real world implications of the use of the gun, the edged weapon, and even your hands in the defense of yourself and others.
  • When can you strike, stab, or shoot first?
  • When is it best to run?  When is it best to fight?
  • Real World fight strategy
  • And so much more!

For only $15 you can purchase this ebook today.  Click here for payment and download instuctions:

A Warrior’s Handbook

A pdf document containing articles about real issues faced by real warriors in the 21st century. Over fifty pages of content. A copy will be emailed directly to you upon payment.



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